Top 10 best known Seiyuu in Japan (Female)

10) Yūko Gotō (後藤 邑子 Gotō Yūko?, born August 28 in Aichi) is a Japanese voice actress who works for Production Baobab. In direct contrast to her cute-and-vulnerable moé typecasting, Yūko in real life is a devotee of biker culture who dresses and acts as such when not working, right down to her motorcycle. This is parodied in the 23rd episode of Lucky Star, in which she appears as a masculine Bōsōzoku-styled caricature of herself called Gotouza.

9) Tomoko Kaneda (金田 朋子 Kaneda Tomoko, born May 29, 1973) is a seiyū who was born in Yokohama, Japan. She currently works at Aoni Production. Kaneda graduated from Department of Architecture, Kanto Gakuin University. Her typecast is usually that of the young-child, due to her cute, young and high pitched voice. In fact, it has been reported that her voice is capable of producing sounds at a frequency beyond that of human hearing. She says in her blog's introduction, "My voice hardly changes even if I breathe in the helium gas.". Her height is 146cm (4.79ft).

8) Ami Koshimizu (小清水 亜美 Koshimizu Ami?, born February 15, 1986) is a female seiyū and is affiliated with Production Baobab management. She was born in the city of Kokubunji in Tokyo Prefecture. Her blood type is AB, her height is 168 cm (about 5'6") and her weight is 48 kg. She is a Seiyu award winning voice actress.

7) Miyuki Sawashiro (沢城 みゆき Sawashiro Miyuki?, born June 2, 1985 in Tokyo) is a female Japanese voice actress and singer who works for Mausu Promotion. She voiced Puchiko in the English dubbed releases of Di Gi Charat the Movie and Leave it to Piyoko, making her one of the few Japanese voice actors to have reprised a role in English in addition to the original Japanese performance. She was not able to record for the English dub of the Di Gi Charat TV series because of a scheduling conflict.

6) Yukana (ゆかな?, born on 6 January 1975 in Futtsu, Chiba, Japan) is a female voice actress (seiyū). She is currently affiliated with Sigma Seven. Her full name, which she had earlier also used as her stage name, is Yukana Nogami (野上 ゆかな Nogami Yukana?). She shortened her stage name soon afterwards to her given name Yukana. She studied at Kimitsu High School, Kenritsu, Chiba and Keio University's department of law. Her blood type is O.

5) Rie Kugimiya (釘宮 理恵 Kugimiya Rie?, born May 30, 1979) is a Japanese seiyū who was born in Osaka and brought up in Kumamoto. She is affiliated with I'm Enterprise. Kugimiya is most known for the roles of Alphonse Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist, Shana in Shakugan no Shana, Kagura in Gin Tama and more recently, Taiga Aisaka in Toradora!. She is typecasted to tsundere loli roles due to her voicing of tsundere characters Nagi (Hayate no Gotoku!), Shana (Shakugan no Shana), Louise (Zero no Tsukaima), and Yuuhi (Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka), all of whose anime aired around the same time. Due to her popularity in such roles, some of her fans have named her as the Queen of Tsundere. She has also contributed her voice to various merchandise such as with Mugen Puchi Puchi Moe, a virtual bubble-wrap popping game, and voiced various characters on a set of moe Karuta cards. She was nominated for Best Actress in Leading Role in the first Seiyu Awards for the role of Louise in Zero no Tsukaima, and jointly won Best Actress in a Supporting Role with Mitsuki Saiga at the second Seiyu Awards. Kugimiya won Best Actress in the third seiyu awards for the role of Taiga Aisaka in Toradora!.

4) Romi Park (朴 璐美 Paku Romi?) born January 22, 1972 is a Japanese actress and seiyū of Korean descent. Born in Edogawa, Tokyo, she graduated from the Tōhō Gakuen College of Drama and Music, and studied Korean language in Yonsei University's Korean Language Institute (한국어학당) At the first Seiyū Awards, she won "Best Main Character (female)" for her portrayal of Nana Osaki. Her most well-known roles are usually tough, calm, and mature preteen or teenage boys who are often called prodigies in their fictional universes (for example, Tao Ren, Tōshirō Hitsugaya, Edward Elric, and Natsume Hyūga). Her female roles also fit the "tough/punk lady" archetype (Temari from Naruto, Nana Osaki and Teresa in Claymore).

3) Maaya Sakamoto (坂本 真綾 Sakamoto Maaya?, born March 31, 1980 in Itabashi, Tokyo) is a popular Japanese singer-songwriter, actress, and seiyū. She made her debut as a voice actress in 1992 as the voice of Chifuru in the anime series Little Twins, but is more well known for her role as Hitomi Kanzaki in the hit anime series The Vision of Escaflowne. She released her debut single Yakusoku wa Iranai, in collaboration with Yoko Kanno under Victor Entertainment on April 24, 1996. Since her 1996 debut, she is among the more popular voice actresses who have also branched into singing, performing songs in both English and Japanese. As well as being a prolific seiyū, she has also had several successful releases; despite initially only modestly selling, her singles Tune the Rainbow, Loop, Ame ga Furu, and Triangler have all reached the top 10 Oricon singles chart: Triangler in particular charted at #3 and remained charting for 26 weeks. Her albums have had similar success, with Shōnen Alice and Yūnagi Loop both reaching the top 10 Oricon albums chart; her newest album, Kazeyomi, released on January 14, 2009, also peaked at #3. She held her first concert at the famous Nippon Budokan on March 31, 2010, her thirtieth birthday.

2) Aya Hirano (平野 綾 Hirano Aya?, born October 8, 1987) from Aichi Prefecture, Japan, is a seiyū and J-pop singer who has had roles in several anime, visual novels, and TV commercials in Japan. She is contracted to Space Craft Produce, a branch of Space Craft Group for her seiyū career. For her singing career, she is signed under Lantis.

1) Nana Mizuki (水樹 奈々 Mizuki Nana?, born January 21, 1980 in Niihama, Ehime Prefecture), born Nana Kondō (近藤 奈々 Kondō Nana?), is a popular Japanese singer–songwriter and voice actress. Born and raised in Niihama, Ehime, Japan, Mizuki was trained as an enka singer. She made her debut as a voice actress in 1998, however, she released her debut single "Omoi", under the King Records label on December 6, 2000. A year later, she released her debut album, Supersonic Girl on December 5, 2001. In the years that followed, Mizuki enjoyed modest success that concluded with the release of her single "Innocent Starter", which reached the top 10 Oricon singles chart, charting at #9. Since then, Mizuki's releases have charted steadily higher in Japan, establishing her as one of the more popular singers in the country. Despite this, she remains a prolific seiyū, with over 130 voice roles in separate media. On June 3, 2009, her album Ultimate Diamond peaked at #1; while her single "Phantom Minds", released on January 13, 2010, also charted at #1, further confirming her status as one of the highest-charting artists in Japan. Mizuki is the first seiyū to top the weekly Oricon albums chart and the weekly Oricon singles chart since its inception in 1968.


I was listening to Nana Mizuki's song then as I scroll down I just realised that she's the top Seiyuu ???


Like her voice, but KEIKO IS THE BEST !!!


Well it's from the list haha and yup, she really does have a fine voice.

NanaMizukiDaisuki mod

Yeah Nana MIZUKI is the TOp seiyuu...!!!!!!!
I love you Nana MIZUKI.!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nana MIzuki Rocks!!! She is not only a good seiyuu and also a good singer! her voice is just angelic !!!


If this is the Top 10 Best Known Seiyuu in Japan, where is Minori Chihara then?


Well personally I do like Chihara Minorin myself, got this list from Sankaku and was shock as well.


What the!!! Where is Yui Horie!!! Where is Eri Kitamura!!!??? Where is Minori f***ing Chihara!!!??? Is this a joke or something?

They could have at least included Goku's seiyuu for humor's sake, I would have rejoiced a bit at least. . . :p


I'm going to pretend whoever made the list was on crystalmeth or something. But where is:

Yui Horie, Eri Kitamura, Minori Chihara?

Top 10, Right ...


This is indeed last year's list. And you certainly can't have them all now can you. Surely Yui Horie does deserve a spot for her credit roles and popularity in Love Hina, Kanon, Da Capo etc. Well for Chihara Minori's case, I was just like you when this first came out. What the!! Why isn't Chihara Minori in. Eri Kitamura, an uprising star, probably due to her recent roles like Yui from Angel Beats. Yes popular indeed but only recent. She might indeed make it into the list for this year's. Well if you still ain't satisfied, please make your own list and share here haha. I would be happy to check it out. Thank You.


why do i have angel beats songs from you tube on my favorites, they have animated concerts/songs that are just that good.


i thought that yui horie would top as the best disappoonting. but, nevertheless i am overwhelmed to know that edward elric's and toushiro's seiyuu is a girl!


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