My top 10 Utada Hikaru Songs

Well there are definitely a lot of nice songs by Utada Hikaru. This is definitely just my top 10 favorite songs by her for the moment. Hope you enjoy.

10) Easy Breezy ~ That's just so Utada if you know what I mean.

9) Prisoner of Love ~ One of my Fav from Heart Station

8) Deep River ~ Mellow and nice best described for.

7) Sanctuary ~ Theme for Kingdom Hearts II

6) Goodbye Happiness ~ One of the most uniques videos I have seen on youtube. Well that's just the extra. Catchy tune for this song and I do love catchy music.

5) Final Distance ~ Remember the school stabbing incident, A lot of heart was put into this and thus the message got through.

4) Simple and Clean ~ I like this better than Hikari for some reason, probably it sounds nicer in english than jap perhaps. Theme of Kingdom Hearts

3) Flavor of Life Ballad Version ~ Instantly fell in love with this when I first heard the vocals. This version really did outshine the original in terms of music BGM which I think is much more suited.

2) Beautiful World ~ Evangelion fans are bound to know this. The theme song for the Remake of Evangelion installment. What make's this song unique is probably the fact that Utada was picked and indeed the right choice for something like this. A surreal song as a theme for one of the most controversial animes.

1) First Love ~ Well this is indeed the very hit song that brought Utada to the big league, rising to stardom and becoming the very singer she is today. This is just one of the timeless tracks you never forget.

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